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Old Merc and Tech Chapter 1, p.1 by Erokuso Old Merc and Tech Chapter 1, p.1 by Erokuso
Kay, so this is the first page for Merc&Tech chapter 1 which is called Adaptations, cuz all four main characters had just got themselves translocated into a completly another world called which is called Vyydia.
They found an abbandoned cablefactory and made it their residence. This part takes place about a day after the six page Prologue chapter.
Tech has immediately started to work on something, cuz he's a techwiz and gets very much eager when he starts with it.

In the meantime Eduardo has gone to the roof to shoot coke cans just to kill time.

Enrique is the newest acuaintance in Eduardo's and Tech's life so naturally he's not that much of a friend-friend yet with the duo, especially regarding the nature how he stumbled into this mess and the fact that he's most likely billions of light years away from home.
So you can understand he's eager to get back home quickly.

Eduardo is a mercenary and has trained with all sorts of
firearms but his gun of choice is a Desert Eagle.

Eduardo tells Enrique that he fought in the middle-east but was later discharged for psychological reasons. whatever this means, you have to follow how the comics progress.

Tech, Eduardo and Enrique are customed from Mega man, Proto man and Dr. Light of Mega man 7.
Backgrounds I used for this is the Training Room from Marvel Super Heroes: War of the Gems,
A customized neighbourhood built from the tiles from Earthbound,
The rooftop and the final level from River City Ransom.

The coke can is from Kirby's Super star
Eduardo's gun, Tech's welding mask and tools are all selfmade.

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August 16, 2011
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